Thursday, 17 July 2014


We arrived safely in Austria but the weather did not like us at the beginning.  Yesterday we finally had a nice and warm day to climb high on the mountains.  One of my favourite tours is the "3 Seen.

Wanderung" (3 lake tour). There is so much  to see for the children that they do not get bored. Today ee made it up to 2400 m and i am really proud.  They ran up and i had to try my best not to lose them...

... and we do it again tomorrow without the help of the cable car! Berg heil!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Finish A Long Q3 List

Actually I should be packing the suitcase and getting ready for take of but I do not want to miss the fun of Finish A Long Q3 so I have to write my list. It is going to be short as I am at home for a long time and do not take the sewing machine with me.

1.) Challenge on the Lazy Bums

it moved to the sewing alias kitchen table and is patiently waiting to be finished
2.) Nordica 
waiting to be appliqued but think I need to iron again first
3.) Hexagonquilt
decided on the pattern and ready to go but ran out of background fabric
4.) Big Stitching Swap
packed my swap bags for the secret swap ready for stitching on the way
5.) Triangle Wall hanging
already started sewing but .... don't know! just not finished
That's it! The time slot to finish the projects is quite small and who knows how the weather will be in Austria. How many things are on your list? Or are you going on a summer break and just do nothing?

Now I have to run and get the bags ready. I am sure the plain is not waiting for us but hopefully a good friend at the other airport. Have a great summer (or winter)!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Finish A Long Q2

Oh no! Q2 is already coming to an end and I feel terrible now. There have been so many things going on at the end of the school year that I did not have much time to sew.

I also rarely look at the list I write until it is time to check what I have done. This quarter had to be better than the first (you remember? I did nothing!) and I know I made at least one item from the list (waving to Rhonda). So lets face the truth!

1. Spiderweb block from templates - DONE and soooo happy with it! Why did it take so long?

2. Use the fussy square blocks - DONE

3. Nordica EPP - made some progress but it is still not finished

4. Embroidery - no way

5. Florence Triangles - cut, started sewing and put to the side

I only had 5 projects on the list and finished two of them. Not really a lot but at least I made progress in all of them (the embroidery moved to the table to get finished). I am happy with the two I have done and can see the others to be finished after the summer! So how did you do?

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Happy mail day

No, there is no mail day on Saturday in Ireland but lots have been asking to show the pillow cover. I am so happy to tell you it arrived safely in Rhonda's house and she loves it.

It is a little cheeky and full of color but this is how she knows me! I used some of the Japanese fabrics I got recently and lots of scraps. The spider web is quilted off center in a spiral around the fussy peak. My girl already asked to make her one as well but that might also be a long term project. Now I am almost ready for the summer holidays!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Last day in School

Today is the last school day and in approximately 45 minutes the summer holiday 2014 officially starts. It was not a nice ending as there have been some new rules for the next year. So fingers crossed those things can be sorted.
Anyway it was time to think about a little teacher gift but I do not want to be Mum number 29 to bring in chocolate. My little ones teacher had a hard job helping her through the year and she always loved the sewing my little one brought in. So why not make her something she could use? Teachers always need pencil cases and Aylin has this gorgeous "Schlafmäppchen" on her blog I always wanted to try.

One of the difficulties my little girl had was reading. lucky me I got a fabric with lots of text. The newspaper fabric is perfect therefore and maybe next year an other child is going to read on this pouch (I already found the word SCHOOL).

I love the curve and the unique style. Even hiding the edge of the fabric on the bottom worked out really nice. The big zip makes opening and closing very easy.

There is plenty of space to keep all those pencils and stuff you need in place. This time it is not filled with stationery and I could not resist to pack in some sweets. My little girl was very proud to bring it to school this morning and I hope her teacher will remember her in a good way.

Next year an other teacher will have the pleasure to teach her but the older she gets the more she listens. It is hard to say good bye!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Finish it up

It took a long time until this UFO finally is done and can be strike through. I am so happy as this block was one of my favorites: a spiderweb! But it was not just a spiderweb block, it was the generous Rhonda who sent me the templates to make it.

I had this block two times on my FAL list (or was it more?) and did not even touch them after making the shot. So it was time! I sat down one morning when I finished Bee blocks and started sewing. It is so easy and it does not take long until you have a finished block.

The ripping took longer. With the school year almost finished and this gorgeous heat wave here in Ireland there is no time in the afternoon. Of to the beach and building sand castles, swimming (not me!) and enjoying ice cream was much more important. I did take my hexagons with me and finished an other 2 but that was all the sewing I did! Anyway the mornings are cool and I had enough time to rip of the paper and put a border on the block. I changed my mind three times but at the end I used a lovely aqua where I had enough to also use it for the back.

I never read about how to finish a pillow nicely but I do not like to have the fabric edges to be seen (does that make sense?). For putting in a zipper I know how to hide those edges quite good but for the envelope finish I have no clue how to do it properly. Therefore I just attached a binding and now there is no more fraying fabrics.

This pillow is on the way to someone special and I know she used to read the blog so for now I can not show any more pictures. It will not take long and I can show you this gorgeous pillow.

This is an other FAL finish and I am so happy it is done! I love it and hope she does as well!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Road trip for Erin

Last month - oh yes, I am talking about May - in the Modern Irish {scrappy} Bee Erin war the Queen and she asked for colorful Road to Tennessee. This is a lovely block for chain piecing and using small scraps I had left over when using white or grey. 

This blocks came together quite fast. To fast not to make a mistake. I made Os instead of Xs. I only recognized it when I was looking at the pics after I already sent them of. An other "Sending-before-Doing". I was so happy to have them finished and made the pictures ready to sent them on a beautiful day that I did not even see they are the wrong side.

I could not resist to put some of the prints I got recently. She wanted to have bright colors and she made us think about summer. Sorry, I could not resist to use this fussy cut ....

They arrived safely and I am glad she is happy with them. This quilt will be gorgeous! An other pattern to put on my list ....